Q: “What happens after I buy my Hypnotic Amazon Product Description Package?”

A: Great question! After you click the link for the package you want above, you’ll be taken to PayPal’s secure platform. Once your payment has settled (within 24 hours) I’ll contact you directly via email with a short Amazon Product Brief to complete. You simply list everything you know about your product (my prompting questions make it easy!) and send me any links or testimonials you’d like me to review before crafting your Amazon Product Description, and I’ll get it back to you within approximately 14-21 days!

Q: “What kind of Amazon product listings have you successfully crafted?

A: THOUSANDS. In every competitive niche (and some unique, strange and fun ones too!) Because what matters isn’t the type of product. What matters is that I know how to dive-deep into your competition and your customers’ mind-set to understand, then push every “Buy Now” hot button in your customers’ brain…

Q: “Are you FDA, FTC, FCC…and Foreign Regulatory Marketing Compliant?”

A: YES. Across the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, France, and several other countries! That means I’m experienced in writing Amazon Product Descriptions for Diet, Pharmaceutical, Neutraceutical, Vitamin, Supplement, Financial and other ‘touchy subject’ products on Amazon.

NLP and Conversational Hypnosis becomes especially powerful when used in these trickier niches… In the weight loss niche you could say, “While we can’t tell you that you’re guaranteed to lose 10 lbs in 20 days, we can show you endless customer testimonials that show how much loser clothing feels and how much sexier they feel when they look in the mirror…”

However, my attorney wants me to tell you that you need to check any sales copy over with your attorney before you launch…=)

Q: “Can you still help increase my sales if I have bad reviews?”

A: That depends on why your reviews are bad and if you’ve fixed the problem. See 10X Revenue Guarantee question below.

Q: Can you help increase sales if there is low market demand?

A: The 10X guarantee requires your product have a minimum of 5 keywords, with at least 40,000 searches per month each. See the 10X guarantee question below. HOWEVER if there is another market we can move it to, where it solves a different problem, then there is a distinct possibility that I can increase your sales. If you’re looking for a rescue line for a product where there is no longer, or never was, strong market demand, then you’ll likely want to contact me to get help sourcing the right products under a different program I offer rather than keep trying to sell a lame duck.

Q: My product is sitting at Amazon! Can you do a rush order within 7 days?

A: Often, yes! If you upgrade to JUMP THE LINE…It’s only fair that those who pay and complete their questionnaire first receive their listing first. If you’d like to invest $100 to JUMP THE LINE (so I can work longer hours and pay my nanny overtime, and still deliver on time to those sellers who ordered first). Weigh Amazon’s storage fees and how quickly you need to get into profit against the additional investment and decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

Q: RE: PREPAID PACKAGE: “I see the value in investing in your packages, yet I don’t have enough products ready to go yet. Can I lock-in my savings now, and ‘draw down’ from my prepaid package bank whenever I need to launch a new product?”

A: Absolutely, and they never expire! Everyone knows that the smartest method to maximize profits from Amazon is to SELL 41 PRODUCTS or MORE…And if you’re looking to dominate an entire niche, or transform your life by growing an Amazon Empire.

The only rule you need to know is this; give me 14-21 days lead time after you send the basic product information so there’s plenty of time to get you everything you need!

Q: “Do you infuse SEO keywords into your Amazon Copywriting?”

A: ABSOLUTELY, while your Amazon Listing is Designed to Sell, it optimized for keyword ranking as well.

Q: Can I speak to you before I order?

A: You can email me. If you have a question you don’t see an answer for here, are in a RUSH and need a 7 day turn around, or need a custom package that includes both Amazon Ads and Amazon Product Sales Listings you can contact me at diane@amazonsalesguru.com

Q: What is covered in your “10X on What You Pay Me Guarantee”

A: Here’s what’s included. When you hire me to craft your Hypnotic Amazon Listing I guarantee you’ll see 10x’s more REVENUE than what you paid me in the next 3 months or I’ll reoptimize it until you do.

My success rate is 97% with only 3% of listings requiring reoptimization.

This is NOT a money back guarantee. This is a GET RESULTS guarantee. Once you hire me you agree to work with me to get the SALES you want – that means sharing traffic reports when requested, changing images (because optimization is NOT just about sales copy), and actually implementing the guidance provided, because sometimes seeing sales increase, especially in highly competitive markets requires time and momentum.

*You MUST have at least 5 direct keywords with over 40,000 searches per month EACH directly related to your product to quality for this guarantee. If there’s no market, you have to create one and Amazon is not a good platform for that – feel free to ask me WHERE is!

* The 10X Guarantee is VOIDED under the following conditions:

*A decrease in your sales due to you or your source providing a bad/faulty product or increase in negative reviews.
*If work has already started (if you’ve completed the questionnaire, it’s started!) and you decide not to sell the product or Amazon says you can’t sell that product. (If you need to switch products, let me know ASAP).
*A significant decrease in market need as indicated by decreased search volume.
*A competitor suddenly dropping their price and increasing their traffic to liquidate or otherwise.
*A hijacker swiping your sales because you did not become Brand Registered.
*You change markets – ie. from the US to Canada or from the UK to the US. Optimization covers ONE Amazon platform.
*Amazon shutting down your listing for any reason other than the sales copy (rare, but sometimes they change what’s allowed, and what isn’t, then reoptimization is warranted).

I’m the best in the world, if I can’t increase your sales, no one can – so let me do what I do best, follow suit, and we’ll make you loads of money! =)